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    A Pair of Bronze heads, each approximately 20" x 18" x 9" deep

    Spaced closely together the approximate overall width is 37"w,  they can be be spread out to about 45-56" wide.

    These deep relief faces are hang are wall hanging.  Their spacing can be adjusted.  When hung close to one another they present an intimate mood with the androgynous faces just a breath apart. When spaced further apart the feeling is more conversational or inquisitive. 

    The bronzes are about 20 lbs. each and can be hung on interior or exterior walls.  

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Bronze wall relief.  A pair of face fragments that can be mounted closely for a mood of intimacy or farter apart for a more conversational feel.  

Each head is approximately20"H x 18"W x 9"D.  Suggested spacing of an overall width of 38" to 50".

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